Our Story

My name is Marlene Poniente. My husband’s name is Nick Poniente. We have 3 amusing children (Eterniti, Cianna, and Eric). We are strong in faith, are both recent cancer survivors, and we love coffee.

Our desire to taste great coffee started out several years ago.We visited many local coffee shops almost every Saturday morning. It not only gave us time for ourselves but it gave us time to really observe people and how they reacted after their first taste of coffee, which generally was a look of ‘satisfaction’. We observed the interaction with the Barista’s and shop owners. There was always a sense of a communal feeling - Family.

After several years of thinking and dreaming, we decided that now is the time to open up our coffee shop. In October 2017, after looking at many locations, we unanimously selected Rolando to build as our second home.

The College Business District is rebuilding and reviving and we want to be a part of that. We want to stand out as a coffee shop. One of the first things we did was naming our shop. We knew what the theme it was going to be but naming it was the hard part. After several days of listing many names, Nick said, “your name is Marlene, so let’s name the shop, Marleez”. We wanted to be different so we spelled coffee with a ‘K’, hence Koffee.

We are excited for our future and look forward to seeing the look of  ‘satisfaction’ on our customers faces after the first taste of coffee. Offering and serving amazing coffee with our passion will be a win-win for the community and us.